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    The term 'Art' includes a wide spectrum of experiences that enrich human life: the Visual Arts, Performing Arts like music and dance, Speech and Drama, and others forms of creativity as well. Our commitment to our students’ continuing engagement with art is evident in the Arts spaces that we provide them with – like our Performing Arts Studio and our Design and Visual Art studios – and through the impressive team of art teachers we pull together.

  • Life Skills

    To achieve our motto, 'Engaging Minds, Changing Futures', our children need to be empowered with more than just academic knowledge. They need to have interpersonal and social skills as well. Our Life Skills sessions at GE's new international institute help students from Grades 3 to 5 manage hostile emotions like anger, and help them deal with failure and bullying. The weekly sessions also help them set goals and make friends.

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    Our Incubation Centre and the structured Entrepreneurship sessions we conduct, expose students in their early teens to a vibrant and dynamic process early in life – that of thinking like an entrepreneur. Using games, events, simulations and important Life Skills lessons, this module aims to equip students with the basic tools, ideas and the safe space to be entrepreneurs.

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    Our focus in athletics is to give students an orientation towards fitness and strength from a young age. Through events like Track and Field, Shotput, Discus and Javelin throw, Long Jump and Triple Jump, we train our students and give them ample opportunities to shine at intra-school and inter-school events.

The Lego® Education Innovation Studio


The engineers, designers and scientists of tomorrow need a hands-on science education today. All over the world, LEGO® Innovation Studios or LEGO® Labs help children engage in creative and active learning. The LEGO® Lab is the first to be set up in a school in India. As an extension of the STEM programme, the LEGO® Lab will be a part of the students’ engagement from Early Years through to High School.

Our infrastructure

Our infrastructure

Apart from a Production Studio, a Multipurpose Hall, a Cafeteria and a dedicated Soft-play area for our Early Years students, the state-of-the-art building has other amazing facilities.



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    Modern Home Rooms

    Our impeccably-designed classrooms encourage teamwork, and the exploration of contemporary curricula including STEM and STEAM subjects.

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    Our science laboratories are modern, state-of-the-art spaces, designed and assembled by Hohenloher, a German company.

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    Visual Art & Design Studios

    We have two Visual Arts Studios for the Primary and the Secondary. Our Design Studio lets students explore design through technology.

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    Learning Centre

    Our extensive Learning Centre has a wide range of books, other media and learning resources as well.

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    Rooftop Swimming Pool

    The half-Olympic-sized swimming pool is equipped with the best hygiene and safety equipment.

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    The School as an ICT Lab

    Our buidling is one large digital lab, with tablets in classrooms, and a policy of bring-your-own-devices for higher classes.