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our community

We like to think of GICLM as a community school that serves the locality. Parents and other visitors are always welcome to visit us.

  • students

    The PTA are representatives of each grade level. They meet the Head of School every term for a formal meeting when positive suggestions are discussed to move the school forward. They also act as a link from the parents to the school leadership if there are any issues to solve. It is a very supportive group that is highly valued by the school and we encourage you to join in.

  • Parent Conferences

    Meetings are held every term to ensure that all parents know about the progress of their child. These sessions are very interactive with the student often leading the learning conversation. Future targets may be set.

  • students

    GICLM runs a series of workshops to help parents understand the nature of a modern international school. We talk about topics like: 21st century learning, how to help your child progress, internet safety, Maths and Science, Academic Honesty and Internationalism. Parents are able to listen, learn and participate just like their children in lessons.

our faculty

  • Mr. Nishant

    Mr. Nishant

  • Mr. Ian

    Mr. Ian

    Head of School
  • Mr.Patrick

    Mr. Patrick

    Head of Secondary
  • Ms.Mahalakshmi Anand

    Ms.Mahalakshmi Anand

    Head of Primary
  • Ms. Elza

    Ms. Elza

    IB Diploma Coordinator
  • Ms.Monika

    Ms. Monika

    Operations Head
  • Ms. Priyanka

    Ms. Priyanka

    Early Years Coordinator
  • Ms. Diksha

    Ms. Diksha

    Early Years Specialist
  • Ms.Aditi Momaya

    Ms. Aditi Momaya

    Early Years Specialist
  • Ms.Barkha Nandrayog

    Ms. Barkha Nandrayog

    Early Years Specialist
  • Ms.Nirmala Ravi

    Ms. Nirmala Ravi

    Early years Specialist
  • Ms.Shivani Koppikar

    Ms. Shivani Koppikar

    Early years Specialist
  • Ms.Keshma Mehta

    Ms. Keshma Mehta

    Primary Specialist
  • Ms.Bhavini Bhanushali

    Ms. Bhavini Bhanushali

    Primary Specialist
  • Ms.Neelam Gupta

    Ms. Neelam Gupta

    Primary Hindi
  • Ms.Sandhya Pal

    Ms. Sandhya Pal

    Secondary Maths & Physics
  • Ms.Riya Vijan

    Ms. Riya Vijan

    Secondary Chemistry & Biology
  • Ms.Shivani Gupta

    Ms. Shivani Gupta

    Secondary Hindi
  • Ms.Uma Iyer

    Ms. Uma Iyer

    Secondary German
  • Ms.Smitha Sanu

    Ms. Smitha Sanu

    Secondary Physics
  • Ms.Vidya Rao

    Ms. Vidya Rao

    Secondary French
  • Ms.Rumana Chatterjee

    Ms. Rumana Chatterjee

    Secondary Maths
  • Ms.Kshama Kulkarni

    Ms. Kshama Kulkarni

    Secondary Economics
  • Ms.Priya Mehta

    Ms. Priya Mehta

    Secondary Science,ESS,and CAS Coordinator
  • Ms.Palak Mehta

    Ms. Palak Mehta

    Seccondary ICT
  • Mr.Ashish Narvekar

    Mr. Ashish Narvekar

    Swim Coach
  • Mr.Roshan Chavan

    Mr. Roshan Chavan

    PE Coordinator
  • Ms.Swarnima Dighe

    Ms. Swarnima Dighe

    Learning Centre Coordinator
  • Ms.Zhang Shu Yan

    Ms. Zhang Shu Yan


our alumni