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our structure

In a world that is rapidly doing away with boundaries, India needs more centres of global excellence to equip its students to take their spot on the world stage. It needs structured, dynamic, and carefully-planned teaching at every level of the school structure.

GE's new international institute offers classes from the Early Years to High School.


Early years

A place to call home, a place to be yourself, a place to explore safely – at GE's new international institute, we believe in a comforting environment for the very young learners in our Early Years section to ensure that their first experience of school is friendly and stimulating.


Primary years

As the child grows, school is a place of discovery, skill-acquisition and wonder. GE's new international institute's Primary Years helps children from Classes 1 to 5 discover new concepts, and inspires them to be joyous life-long learners.


Secondary years

A place of adventure and growth, the Secondary Years at GE's new international institute are spent in the pursuit of all-round development and academic excellence. Innovation, creativity, discipline, adventure and leadership – our students are encouraged and challenged to do their best on all fronts.


high school

Embrace the world… At GE's new international institue, our rigorous IB Diploma Programme offers students great opportunities for academic discovery and growth. We train our graduates to excel while they learn to think and compete like global citizens.

enhanced learning


Garodia Education discourages students from relying on external tuitions. To that end, we plan our learning engagements so that concepts are taught and reinforced at school itself. Mock exams and practice sheets are given regularly to the students so that they learn well and find it easy to keep up with their academics.

our associate programmes

GE's international connections are deep and wide-ranging, and we actively develop new international associations to offer courses that ensure a unique learning experience. Some of our associate programmes include:

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    GE's new international institute is committed to German language teaching. Accreditation to the PASCH Programme through the Goethe Institute ensures that our students attend educational camps sponsored by the Max Mueller Bhavan in Germany every year. GE also conducts an inter-school German Spell Bee.

  • Winchester International Symposium

    Every year, our students participate in the Winchester International Symposium which brings together students from the world’s top schools. The Symposium is conducted by Winchester College, one of the oldest schools in the UK.

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    GE is associated to the NUS with a focus on teaching and curriculum development.