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GE's new international institute offers students a variety of clubs to help them identify life-long passions and interests. We also involve our students in co-curricular activities through a number of clubs.

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    The Nature Club aims at creating awareness, motivating and sensitizing students about the environment and conservation. It brings students into close contact with our natural environment and inculcates earth-friendly habits as a step towards sustainable development. Nature walks, seminars on energy conservation, growing plants, kitchen gardening and composting, are just a few of the activities that students are taken through.

  • Science Club

    At the Science Club, students experience the joy and wonder of science through simple experiments, videos, discussions and games that act as motivators to learn and explore more. They learn to question, predict, probe, experiment, research, observe, record and finally infer from their experiences.

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    The Language Club aims at developing and enriching language skills in children. There are fun Language Lab activities, Spelling Bees, workshops and many other ways designed to engage young minds in the activity of picking up a language better.

our faculty

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    Ms. Komal

    Visual Arts
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    Mr. Robert

    English, IBDP
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    Ms. Erin

    Speech & Drama
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    Ms. Candelaria

    Teaching Faculty
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    Mr. John

    Physical Education
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    Ms. Jeanette


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