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shaping the future

  • Science

    Studying science is an experiential journey at GICL. Our teachers foster a deep sense of curiosity and excitement about the subject in children early on.

  • Art

    At GICL, our pedagogy links Art and Learning, so that children understand academic concepts through the medium of line and colour.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Preparing our students for the excitement of entrepreneurial efforts, we create a safe space for them to venture into the world of risk-taking and business.

what they say about us

  • testimonial4

    Aisha Lowe

    Grade 6

    Studying in GICL has never been tedious. We never learned the rote way. We learned practically. Most schools don’t have facilities like our school. In most schools, computers are taught as a theory subject, whereas in ours we learn the subject as both theory and practicals, which makes understanding easy. In our school, we also have periods like swimming and gymnastics which aren’t available in other schools. Most of the credit goes to the wonderful staff. These benefits make our school great.

  • testimonial5

    Skandesh Subramanian

    Grade 11

    Most of the positive aspects of studying in this school and following this curriculum date back to the primary years. The students, unlike in other schools, were not burdened with homework. This gives an individual an abundance of time to explore other activities and pursue subjects of interest. Cambridge assessments were tough and taxing. However, the faculty did their best to prepare us for it.

  • testimonial6

    Risa Ganatra

    Grade 9

    GICL is the platform which gave wings to my potential! GICL is the reason for my passion for water! I was never a water baby; I literally hated it. One competition that I lost for a fraction of a second changed my life. I gave myself a year of dedication and practice. Since the last four years I have held the coveted title of the best swimmer of the school. With my school’s continuous support, and my determination and dedication, I am sure to become a national level swimmer. I hope to do my school proud and give back what I have received from this revered institution! I owe my positive personality and leadership qualities to GICL, and thank them for bring out the best in me.

  • Mrs. Sloka Chhabria

    Mother of Aarya Chhabria (Grade 6) and Bhaavya Chhabria (Kindergarten)

    Our experience with GICL has been wonderful! Our kids have developed a love for learning. The school works as a community to really evolve responsibility, sensitivity and resourcefulness in the students. GICL is, in my view, an oasis of education from the heart. It's a pleasure to see my kids coming back comfortable and happy from school. As we witness the transformation of our children into teenagers, we are gratified to know that the spiritual and academic foundation they have received at GICL will serve them well as they embrace the challenges that lie ahead.

  • testimonial2

    Dr. Urmi Shah and Dr. Nikunj Shah

    Parents of Aditya Shah (Grade 9) and Misha Shah (Grade 5)

    We have witnessed the incredible journey of GICL right from its inception. The school has always motivated and encouraged our kids to learn and explore. The happy and positive environment at GICL brings out the unique and the very best in each and every kid. This ability to nurture them through schooling – holding onto their culture and values, as well as the passion to keep learning is what makes GICL the best gift we could have given to our kids.

  • testimonial7

    Adhyaksh Amarnath

    Class of 2015

    Leadership. When I look back, my one greatest memory and achievement in GICL seems to revolve around my captaincy. It helped me identify strengths and develop traits that I would not have learnt elsewhere. Thinking about it today, I realize that the experience has shaped me into who I am today: a student in a university that I wouldn't have even thought I would get into, studying a subject that I would not have loved if not for my teachers in GICL.  Having graduated in May 2015, I am studying engineering at the Penn State University, which has been an honor.

  • testimonial8

    Orie Moses

    Class of 2011

    I joined my father when he received a job offer in India and I was enrolled into GICL, where I acquired things that I'm grateful for even today. Wonderful friends, great memories, a good education, and good care from the staff. As for the food, as a student from abroad, the taste of Indian food at school was delicious. Football tournaments, chemistry lab work, the Cambridge University students’ visit – I would go back and relive all of those moments and experiences at GICL in the blink of an eye. I am currently serving my last year in the army here in Israel. I have become a commander and have cherished every thing GICL has given me. Partly, GICL has made me what I am today.

  • testimonial8

    Sharon Das

    Class of 2015

    Film making has always been my passion and I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn and improve my craft as Director at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. Being an IBDP student at GICL helped me grow as a person and has made me capable enough to face the challenges and milestones coming my way. I have acquired and established communication skills, becoming a much more confident individual. GICL gave me the chance to explore myself at the Winchester International Symposium held in Prague. All my teachers were great and highly supportive of my work. I am very grateful to GICL for making me the person I am today and for always being there whenever I needed any help from school.